• Amanda McCarthy

Happy Holi!

Updated: May 9, 2019

In April the WHAC Club celebrated Holi, a Hindu festival of color, while learning about the complexities of communication.

After a burger cook out and some club organization work, the team paired up for a blindfolded drawing competition. One scholar described an image on the projector while their partner attempted to draw what they were saying. Between the laughter, students experienced the importance of not just saying what they saw but being able to impart the information in a way their partner would understand it.

We then scaled up the activity as we headed outside. Blindfolded team members had to make their way along a path with many twists and turns. Their teammates called out instructions to them while a few others were waiting with Holi powder outside the path's spray-painted boundaries.

The callers were stationary and had different points of view along the course, sometimes being able to offer direction while other times not. They had to rely on each other to support the safe passage of their blindfolded teammates. All while remembering that there were so many people on the path, they had to be specific in how they communicated instruction.

After a debrief, students had a Holi celebration and took unabashed advantage of the remaining Holi powder.

Happy Holi everyone!

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