• Amanda McCarthy


Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Night 1: Everyone choose their own restaurant. One group of students ate at an authentic Chinese restaurant called The Great Wall.

"The Chinese food was far different than the Chinese food in Clewiston... The cashew chicken paired well with the beef fried rice and the authentic dumplings were mind-blowing." - Bryan Garcia

Night 2: Ms. McCarthy stretched us to try Ethiopian food, a cuisine far different than anything most of us had ever tried, and we had to use our hands to eat!

Night 3: Buca Di Bepo

This fun Italian restaurant was a palette break from unfamiliar international cuisine. The walls were COVERED in old photographs, ivy, art, and various elements of Italian culture (bathrooms were the best part).

Night 4: Curry & Pie (our last night out)

The food kept coming. Seriously. We thought the appetizers were the meal, and then course after course of main dishes filled our tables. We had well seasoned curry pizza, french fry chaat, butter chicken, lamb vindaloo, vegetable pakoras, and several fruity drinks. Everyone loved the Indian food and we made Ms. Mac promise to keep it on the itinerary for next year's trip.

Day 5: The finest cuisine Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) had to offer.


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