• Amanda McCarthy

DC - Here's what we're doing, and it's freaking amazing!

The John Hopkins University of Advanced International Studies in D.C. (SAIS) is welcoming the WHAC students to an afternoon of interactive exploration into the astonishing world of international relations. SAIS will also be hosting a career panel and networking session for students with professionals from institutions including (but not limited to):

U.S. Department of State


Capital Hill

World Bank

American Development Bank

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Institute of Peace

Embassy of Argentina

CBS: Face the Nation

While on the Trip ~

On this trip the WHAC club plans to explore a multitude of culinary practices, university tours, and museums. All while keeping the material fun, educational, and engaging! Museums such as The Holocaust Museum, and African American History Museum will introduce students to serious topics that will enlighten them to new perspectives on different matters, and spark conversations many may have not even thought about having without this type of historical exposure! The universities we plan to visit include Howard (a historically African American college) and the George Washington University. These universities bring the hope of embarking the students onto a journey in life they may have not been previously open to. These colleges will also expose the WHAC Club to a multi-dimensional, inter-sectional, and shocking history of America and foreign nations! The culinary delicacies we plan to indulge in include Ethiopian foods, and Indian foods. Both of which many of the students taste buds have yet been exposed to! These foods will expose the students to a multitude of culture differentiation's and practices. This trip to D.C. will really enlighten the WHAC students on how far the division of labor has taken society!

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