• Amanda McCarthy

Trains, Planes, & Automobiles (D.C. Day 1)

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Rise and ... not so much shine. Our day began at 2 AM after a sleepless night of anticipation and excitement for our trip. The June heat was strong, even in the early hours of day. Although our members were in a less-than-ideal state, characterized by sleep deprivation, heat, nerves, and lots of ear popping, we managed to stay positive and were able to get through the chaos that is commercial flying.

Simon Bolivar - Remember that AP SAQ?!?!

After arriving in Baltimore, Maryland - which was accidentally referred to as Baltimore, Florida by our flight attendant (many will say was the highlight of their day) - we took a train to Union Station, marking our arrival in Washington, D.C. This was more than just a train station. This station was its own melting pot of cultures, with it being a bustling hive of activity. This first day in Washington D.C. was marked by many "firsts" for our members, ranging from the first time seeing the Capitol Building or White House, to the first time on a subway, to the first time using chopsticks.

We were given the challenge to navigate the city and use public transport. At the time this seemed impossible, but we somehow managed to reach all our landmarks unaided, even returning to our place of stay with a new-found confidence in navigating this hectic city. Our capabilities will help us in exploring this city in the following days, ensuring the rest of this trip goes smooth and according to plan.

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