• Amanda McCarthy

WHACC Fundraising

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

The concession stand is my favorite fundraiser. To begin with, we usually do these stands during the basketball season while they have a game in the gym. We sell hot, fresh food and cold, refreshing beverages. We also sell a ton of different candy as we don't forget about the people who have sweet teeth. Greeting people as they walk in to help guide them to us and soon enough, we're constantly on our feet going here an there to give our customers awesome service and delicious treats. It aided in me being less reserved and more of a social butterfly, and it provided me with a new voice to speak out when the time came. The concession stands helped me develop in becoming a more experienced person as it was similar to having a job in a fast food restaurant with the exception that everyone took turns playing different roles (Ex: Cashier, Delivery, Maker).

The car washes provided a completely different job experience. I enjoyed having music sometimes blare in the background and sometimes having a bubble fight. We mostly focused on getting the job done and that helped me realize that when you start something, you must always finish it in an efficient amount of time (because the paying customer is waiting). We would clean huge trucks, small cars, and even travel trailers and motorcycles! For payment, we requested donations for our trip to D.C. and people gave what they could afford, and ever donation large and small was appreciated and made a difference.


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