• Nicole Blanco

Uni Tours and Newseum (D.C. Day 3)

Our third day was characterized by University tours, and later an eye-opening visit to the Newseum. Some students toured American University, while African American had the opportunity to visit Howard University (a historically black college).

At Howard, Clewiston scholars reported loving the strength of support for students including financial aid for study abroad, volunteer abroad programs, and required African American History courses. Being surrounded by students of color (majority Black), learning about on-campus clubs and activism, and walking by buildings named after prominent historical figures such as Fredric Douglass gave African American students a sense of pride, belonging, and empowerment to pursue the education and careers they desire.

"During the introduction presentation I honestly felt like it was a college I could see myself attending in the future. I really felt like I belonged there... I never had a solid idea of any colleges I was going to apply for, but visiting Howard definitely put it high on my list."

- Arianna Bruno

"I had a great time honestly. When seeing the amount of people such as myself there it really brought something out in me. It made me feel as if I didn’t have to be the token black person put in the brochure so the college could slap a label of “diversity” upon themselves. The opening presentation put me in a place where I felt as if I could be myself, yet be educated to the best ability. The massiveness of the school was just so amazing and the architecture was beautiful." - Chris'shariea Hardy

At American University several students started to develop a clearer view of the fields are interested in, such as gender studies, international development, and political science. The 100% commitment of American University to meet the financial needs of admitted students was attractive, but so were the on campus clubs, strong activism groups, and the push for community service and connection.

"Being at AU really put into perspective that everything I've thought of studying is possible, especially with the amount of people there with the same want for social equality and acceptance as me...I really do feel at home there." -Nicole Blanco

"At AU I felt like I was home. The school offers wonderful careers to their students, the campus is amazing, and the environment and vibe of this place gives it a sense of security not many places have." - Melissa Rubiano

At the Newseum, students were able to be interactive and express themselves, freely. This museum allowed us to see how humans and technology evolved, through the perspective of the media. There were many galleries and theaters, presenting shows such as Lincoln's assassination, the Holocaust, the Civil Rights movement, Gay Rights Movements, and photographers in the media. This museum really touched based on the First Amendment Rights and how individuals took upon these rights to either help or hinder others. ~Zanaya


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